Urgent Call for Support for AN Artist, Activist, Member of Oromo Community, Mr. Gutu Lammi Bejji!

Gutu in Hospital bed

Gutu before his illness





This emergency announcement and call from the local Support Organizing Team from the Oromo Community members of Washington, DC area.

The Emergency Assistance organizing team is here by BRINGING THE VERY URGENT NEED FOR ASSISTANCE OF MR. GUTU LAMMII BAJJII, TO THE ATTENTION OF OROMOS AND ALL KINDHEARTED INDIVIDUALS, ORGANIZATIONS AND FAITH COMMUNITIES. Mr. Gutu L. Bajji is a devoted Oromo national and member of the Oromo community in Washington, DC area. He is currently experiencing an extreme need for assistance which forced this team to reach out to all of you about it.


Gutu Lammi Bajji is a dedicated public servant, activist, and one of Oromo artists who contributed a lot for the development of Oromo Arts, culture and language.
In addition to his artistic works as an Oromo musician, Gutu has served the Oromo people at different levels at different times. He served as Chairman of the Gada Band, Board member of Mecha Tulama Association when he was in Oromia. He was also one of those unsung heroes who were determined to sacrifice their lives by voluntarily enlisting in Oromo Liberation Front military training during 1991 transition. After he came to the USA in 2004, he joined and served several Oromo institutions. He served as Board member and Executive Secretary of the Oromo Community Organization of Washington DC and Metropolitan area and he is currently serving as Property Manager of the Oromo House. He is also an active member of the USA based Mecha Tulama Association, MWMF (Madda Walaabuu Media Foundation), OSA (Oromo Studies Association) and supporter of Oromo political organizations.

Gutu is truly an exemplary public servant. He was always there whenever and wherever he was needed for help. Now it became time for someone to be there for him.


Even though Mr. Gutu remained a dedicated Oromo Nationalist and committed servant of his community until the past few months, he sustained a major-medical receiving treatment now. He is currently seriously sick and is bed-bound due to the serious medical condition. Mr. Gutu was first admitted to the WHC Emergency Room with the help of his Oromo colleagues in early October, 2016 which in fact spared his life. He was then hospitalized for over a week. Since discharged from Hospital, Mr. Gutu is receiving treatment on an outpatient basis. His deteriorating health condition needs continuous treatment and care. We are hopeful that with effective treatment and care we will provide, he will recover and get back to his normal life.

Mr. Gutu’s medical BILLS/costs and meeting his basic needs have become things which he can no longer afford by himself. The evidence is that our fellow brother requires our urgent intervention with emotional, social and material support. Mr. Gutu has no source of income since he got sick as he is unable to work. He neither has a support system in place. His means of living discontinued as the result of the unexpected decline of his health. He now could no longer able to pay his rent, for his food, medical bills, medications and transportation to/from treatment three days a week.

We therefore, are asking all kind-hearted people and most importantly our Oromo nationals and institutions to show our moral and human obligation to support our most needy brother and comrade. This is the time when we must show Mr. Gutu the hope and action that we are there for him during this tough times he is going through. Gutu’s big dream is to see a liberated Oromia and United Oromo People as he indicated in one of these freedom songs:

Yaa Rabbii

It is very difficult to see Gutu who spent his entire life helping others become helpless suddenly. He contributed a lot to the Oromo people at different levels of responsibility with no reservation of his ability and time, but he is seeking your help today in turn. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The measure of a civilization is to be found in how it treats its weakest members.”


In response to this urgent request, the Local Gutu’s Support Organizing Committee arranged AT LEAST THREE different ways in which you can assist him.

1. Participate in a local fundraising event to be held:
Date: December 3, 2016
Time: 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Place: Unification Church
Address: 1610 Columbia Road NW Washington, DC 20009.
Specials about the EVENT: Famous Oromo artists:

Zerihun Wodajo, Yanet Dinku, Nigusu Tamirat, Abdi Nuressa and Dawit Tasisa will perform LIVE to support their fellow Oromo Artist.

2. Visit go fund at the following link:
gofundme.com/support-for-artist-gutu-l-bejji link and donate the amount you would like.

3. Directly deposit money to Gutu’s Bank Account as follows:

Bank Name: Sun trust
     Router NO: 055002707
     Account NO: 000023617250

Every hour of everyday a person who is diagnosed thinks about his medical situation, medical costs, the future of his life and his families. At least, we should encourage him by contributing what we can. Your support will mean so much to him at this critical situation. Please Join Us in your support to Uphold and safe this dedicated Oromo brother.

Thank you in advance for your support,
The Organizing Committee


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