Ethiopia dispatches 86 spy agents to North America and Europe

Spy agents dispatched to North America and Europe

Via #MinilikSalsawi

spy agents

Ethiopia: 86 Woyane spy agents, who recently received security training in Britain and Israel, have been dispatched to North America and Europe to create confusion and disturbances among Ethiopian Diaspora communities. The spy agents will attend Diaspora getting together activities, including churches and mosques, camouflaging genuine followers. The Tigre regime in Ethiopia is targeting communities where its penetration is low or where it lacks control over.  The spying agents’ mandate is creating confusion, disturbances, focus diversions and disagreements among these communities, if possible poisoning some individuals.

We notice these days large circulations of defamatory messages, articles, clips and live streams on social media (like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) targeting Ethiopian government opposition politicians, activists, community leaders and other government critiquers against its policy.

It is time that the Ethiopian Diaspora communities watch out who is taking part in their congregations or activities. The agents may include existing church or mosque goers.


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