Open Letter to Oromos Who Are Still Under Mental Slavery

An Open Letter to Oromos (Only) Who are Still Under the Abyssinian Mental Slavery

By Habte DafaMental slavery vs mental liberation


To secede is/was never the hypothesis of the Nation of Oromia. But reclaiming the Democratic Republic of Oromia is/was the proper paradigm starting from its occupation by the Abyssinian invading forces. Since then, yes, the Abyssinian did not only have changed the names of the Oromo vicinity replacing it by their colonial names, but they tried to erase the proud spirit of Orommumma in every humanly possible facet. Now, watching those Oromos who remained under the Abyssinian mental slavery, I am really ashamed by those who are more Abyssinian than the Abyssinians themselves, by trying to prove that they are the die-hard colonial Ethiopians by bashing and condemning the overdue independence journey of the Nation of Oromia. On the other hand, the Oromo people’s invaders do not trust them even if they swear million times that they are their trustworthy slave. Therefore, TPLF had imprisoned them even with all the unflinching Oromo Nationalists, and are keeping them locked-up till they submit to them totally. Therefore, what is preventing them from going all the way for the independence of Oromia? What will they lose except the colonial chains?

The truth remains, the journey for any National struggle is measured by how resolute and uncompromising the people are when it comes to their freedom. We are currently witnessing the boiling wave that resulted in irreversible enormity of TPLF that produced the unwavering resistances of the Oromo Nation for their freedom. The Oromo freedom generation are are beaming on TPLF the hurricane of dedications to liberate Oromia once and for all. Yes, we (me and you) have a choice: 1) to stand with our Qeerroo/Qubee generation and help them to achieve their overdue goal of liberating Oromia, or 2) remain propagating how to save the dying colonial empire while isolated, or imprisoned by the TPLF- Abyssinian regime on power.

What every walking soul of the Oromo citizens needs to realize is that the old hymns of the colonial Ethiopia, is gone forever and the sun had already set upon it. It will never come again, believe me. Therefore, we need to wake-up and grasp the reality before it would be too late, this is a new era and new ways and methodologies of National struggle.

Overall without much vouching idealistic and unrealistic goals, I chose to be realistic and to stand with the Oromo Nation’s Freedom generation and do all that I can do to see the determined, selfless and unflinching sacrifices our young generation will not be in vain, but should and will succeed in decolonizing Oromia.

Oromia shall be free,



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