By barge to athletics here Hussein Omar, the fugitive running fast

Hussein Omar Mohamed, arrived in Italy in 2013 on a boat full of refugees, won yesterday in Granarolo a 10Km Hussein Omar Mohamed

BOLOGNA, February 13, 2017 (Quotodiano – Google translation) – $ 1,500 to get on a boat from Libya and Disembark, after five days at sea on bread and water, in Italy. And the story of the Ethiopian Mohamed Omar Hussein, escaped from his homeland where he was held in a prison simply because of belonging to the Oromo ethnic group. That is one of those discrimination types by Tigre regime in Ethiopia. He managed to escape through a small hole made after three months of digging with a little bit of metal. He left family and friends in Ethiopia, after struggling to get freedom and rights,  precisely for this reason, he had been arrested and tortured.

Once he gained a handful of money as a builder, Hussein decided to embark on his journey of hope, embarking for Italy along with many other fellow countrymen, some of those missed and dead in the sea. Once in Italy, as a good Ethiopian, Mohamed decided to give vent to his passion, the athletic race. To help the Gnarro Jet Mattei of Bologna, thanks to President Luigi Giagnorio who welcomes him into society, Hussein’s point man on the team. His legs make the difference, in 2015 he won the half-marathon and a race to Suviana Baigno, but his achievements did not stop. Just yesterday, another triumph, this time in the 28th edition of ‘Along with Danilo’ 10km FIDAL race organized in Granarolo dell’Emilia and that the same Hussein had also won last year. What happened Net Ethiopian with almost two minutes of Philip Captains Athletics Modena and Alberto Bonvento of Pontelungo.


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